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2016 - The Year in Review

As we reflect back on 2016, we realize that January is 16 years that we’ve been working on the Seattle World Cruiser Project. We started making ribs at our Global Coffee Shop, in Renton, moved around to several hangars and shops, and finally, over to Boeing Field and Historic Plant II. Thanks to The Boeing Company and Scott Carson. We shared this iconic space with the Museum of Flight’s Connie, B-17, and B-29—and the great camaraderie of the Museum’s volunteers and The Boeing Company.

Our next move was to the huge, old Pacific Northern Airlines Quonset hanger, locally called “Quad Seven” (for its 7777 Perimeter Road’s address number). Our host there was Kyle Hennessey and American Avionics. Our final move was down the road to Clay Lacy Aviation. Clay provided us with a hangar and ramp space—and even storm protection! Our heartfelt thanks to Clay, Kyle, and Scott and all the Boeing Field folks! We accomplished a lot and have great memories, especially those shared at the Museum of Flight celebrations with family, friends, and volunteers.

As ours was becoming a “Gypsy Project,” moving to Arlington for our Flight Test Program, seemed like just another move in the progress of the Project. The folks at Arlington Flight Service, the airport office, and the entire aviation community were friendly and helpful at every turn.

Arriving at Boeing Field for the Boeing Centennial Celebration.  (Video courtesy Peder Nelson)

Having completed our Flight Test Program successfully, we were invited to participate in Boeing’s 100th Anniversary birthday party at the Museum of Flight. Carter and Diane flew down and circled the Space Needle along the way. Jim Larsen got magnificent shots and Air Classics did a wonderful article, including old friend Peter Bowers’ original 50th Anniversary article on the First World Flight.

We are currently working on converting the Seattle World Cruiser to floats for the2017 6th of April departure for our World Celebration Flight from Sand Point on Seattle’s Lake Washington.


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